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Dear children, dear adults,
Welcome to the world of Teddy One-Eye!
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Can Matilda's old teddy bear, the one her grandma and mother played with as children, help her cope with her excitement before the first day of school? So far, she's only had eyes for her new stuffed animals. Unicorn, Elephant, Dino + Co. even celebrate her birthday with her, and old Teddy One-Eye watches sadly and unnoticed from the shelf. Will this change when Matilda starts school? Well, come along and accompany Matilda to school. Can Teddy One-Eye tell her later about his long life? Also keep an eye on what happens after the first day of school.
Target audience: preschool-aged children (5 - 6 years old) who can use the book to help them cope with their excitement before the first day of school and school. This book can help children: - Show that true friends help each other even in difficult situations - Illustrate that you can overcome your own excitement and fears with the help of others - Convey "I like you just the way you are." - Bringing close the love or respect for things from the past: Even very old, worn-out things can still be of great importance in everyday life - Be a small plea against our throwaway society today - Encourage joy in classic toys (teddy bear).
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This children's book was published on 7 September 2023 in Germany and is currently only available in the German language version.
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Hardcover, 36 pages
ISBN-13: 9783757809256 (German)
Publisher: Books on Demand
Recommended age: 5 years and older
Language: German (English version yet to be released)
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Stefanie Walker was born in 1971.
In her early English classes, she learned to enjoy foreign languages with the help of original English children's books. Since 2003, she has been a freelance instructor of English in higher education and adult education. So far, she has passed on her love of the English language and culture in her teaching of kindergarten children, secondary school and university students, as well as employees of numerous companies.
Her passion is collecting and researching international picture books and children's books. Her collection now includes about 800 copies and is growing steadily.

This teddy bear has always been called War Bear.
He was the teddy of Stefanie's aunt, who got him during the Second World War.
After her childhood, he lived for many years with Stefanie's grandmother.
Since she first met this special teddy bear in her childhood, the author knew she wanted to inherit War Bear, one day.
After the death of her grandmother, she actually became the new owner. War Bear moved from Nidda in Upper Hesse to Cologne.
There he now lives, still one-eyed, in a showcase with many children's book heroines and heroes.
Anxiety about school, starting school, primary school, elementary school, friendship, first reader, teddy bear, sustainability, picture books, activity books

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